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Qualified applicants are accepted to the Publishing Workshop regardless of their ability to pay. The Workshop has raised money to support students with demonstrated need through the generosity of institutions and LARB members and readers. 80% of our Publishing Fellows receive assistance in the form of partial or full tuition grants, and some sponsors also provide funds for living expenses, as well. Foundations, universities, companies, individuals, and fund drives have all contributed to our Fellows’ ability to attend.

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100% of donations directly fund scholarships for fellows and are 501(c)(3) tax-deductible.

Tuition for Fellows is $3000. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated. Donate $250 and above to be named a Fellowship Supporter. For a full Fellowship of $3000 to be named in honor of a person or organization of your choice, please contact

How To Contribute

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Higher Education: LARB partners with universities and colleges across the US  to provide full scholarships for current graduate students and graduating seniors. 54% of Workshop Fellows are currently enrolled in graduate programs.  Fellows will learn about careers utilizing their humanities degrees outside of academia and also gain valuable insights into academic publishing and avenues for transforming their scholarship into public-facing writing.  LARB Publishing Workshop Director, Lindsay Wright, and other members of the LARB staff are available to meet with departments and academic centers to discuss the Publishing Workshop, as well as to hold informational meetings with students and faculty. We are always building our network of sponsoring academic institutions and would love to add yours; please contact Lindsay Wright, Workshop Director:

Individual Gifts: Individual donors can click HERE to help. For more information about becoming a benefactor for a full scholarship in the name of your choice to a fellow who would not otherwise be able to attend, please contact  Lindsay Wright, Workshop Director:

Corporate Giving: Please contact LARB’s Executive  Director, Irene Yoon:

Fellowship Partners

Universities that partner with LARB Publishing Workshop

Program Sponsors

Foundations, Institutions, and Agencies that have supported LARB Publishing Workshop

Scholarship Benefactors

Individuals who sponsor a full scholarship for LARB Publishing Workshop fellows

Anne Germanacos

Barbara & David Voron

Hanna Damasio

Rosanne Ziering

Victoria Foyt

Scholarship Supporters

Individuals and foundations who contribute towards scholarship funding for LARB Publishing Workshop fellows

Ann Fabian

Carol J. Chihara

Charlotte Gusay

Cody Sisco

David Wogahn

Donald Kelley

Dylan Landis

Elizabeth Gleick

Guy Cnop

Igor Kramberger

Jack Conway

James P. Higgins

Janice Littlejohn

Jean Granoux

Julia Lupton

Katherine Kollar

Laura Bliss

Lauren Kessler

Lynne Tillman

Maile Meloy

Mangin Wilk Family Foundation

Marisa Matarazzo

Martin Brown

Mary Corey

Nina Sadowsky

Paul Grellong

Raphael Campoy

Sasha Anawalt

Sussy Komala

The Duda Foundation

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